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Toro Snow Blower Feature Guide

Toro Snow Blower Feature Guide

Choosing a Toro Snow Blower

Toro was the first to produce a walk-behind snow blower designed for the everyday consumer (1952).

Today they continue to be a leading manufacturer of electric, single stage and two stage snow blowers.

Power CLEAR (Single Stage)

Toro's Power Clear snow blowers use single stage technology to clear snow straight down to the pavement. The curved rotor paddles pull you through 3-9 inches of snow with ease.

The Quick Chute control and Zip deflector features on the Toro 621QZE and 621QZR snow blowers, allow you to rotate the chute and change the angle of snow discharge more conveniently.

Electric start models include the Toro 418ZE, 621E, 621ZE, and the Toro 621QZE.

Power MAX (Two Stage)

Toro's Power Max snow blowers are two stage machines with powerful Briggs and Stratton engines and wider clearing widths to move more snow in less time.

They make tackling those deeper snowfalls a breeze with the Anti-Clogging system, Quick stick chute control, dash control levers, and the heavy-duty auger gearbox.

The chute, deflector and impeller are made of high density sub zero material. This material is durable enough for the most extreme snow clearing conditions, and also prevents wet snow from sticking to the snow blower.

All Power Max snow blowers feature an electric start with a glove-sized recoil back up option.

Power MAX HD (Two Stage)

Toro's Power Max HD models feature more powerful engines than the Power Max models, and are equipped with a commericial-grade auger gear box to eliminate the need for shear pins.

The Anti-Clogging system, Quick Stick chute control, dash levers, sub zero deflector and impeller material, electric start, and power steering all come standard on Toro's Power Max HD snow blowers.

Anti-Clogging System

Toro's two stage snow blowers feature the Anti-Clogging system that regulates the snow intake, allowing the impeller to perform at maximum speed.

Usually, the operator would have to manually limit the snow intake to prevent clogging. Now you continue at a steady pace through the snow without overloading the augers.

4 Cycle Engines

Toro's single and two stage (non-electric) snow blowers use a 4-Cycle engine. 4-Cycle engines provide better fuel economy, quiter operation, cleaner emissions, and they live longer than 2-Cycle engines.

Many people now prefer a 4-Cycle engine because they don't have to hassle with mixing gas and oil.

Electric Snow Blowers

For those who don't want to hassle with gas at all, Toro has electric powered snow blowers too!

If you're tired of storing gas or driving the icy roads to get gas for your snow blower, consider an electric snow blower.

The Toro 1800 and 1500 Power Curves are electric powered snow blowers. Simply plug it into an outlet and start it up. These electric snow blowers have the same features of a gas-powered single stage snow blower, but with less maintenance and no fuel costs.

The Quick lever chute rotation and zip deflector let you easily change the direction and angle of snow discharge, while the cord lock system prevents the power cord from disconnecting. They are also lighter and include a lift handle for easier storage or transport.

Electric Power Shovel

The Toro Power Shovel is a unique electric snow blower that acts like a snow shovel, but without the back breaking strain.

Weighing only 13.5 pounds, this electric power shovel is great for clearing porches, decks, and walkways.

The adjustable telescoping handle lets you adjust the length to fit your height. It also comes with the cord lock feature to prevent the cord from disconnecting while you operate.

Toro's 2 Year Guaranteed-to-Start Promise

All Toro single stage snow blowers come with a 2 Year Guaranteed-to-Start Promise. During the first two years, if your snow blower doesn't start in one or two pulls, Toro will fix it free of charge.

Want more information or specifications? Come see our selection of electric and gas powered Toro Snow Blowers.