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Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreaders

Meyer and SaltDogg Salt Spreaders

Salt spreaders can be used anywhere from highways to the back roads, melting snow and ice as they go. A variety of Meyer and SaltDogg salt spreaders are available to attach to the back of your pickup or in the bed of your truck.

Large salt spreader hoppers are ideal for commercial use, while convenient tailgate spreaders are perfect for driveways, parking lots, and residential communities.

Electric Drive Hopper Salt Spreaders

Electric Drive Salt Spreaders

Utility Vehicles, 1/4 - 3/4 ton Trucks

Electric drive hopper salt and sand spreaders mount easily onto utility vehicles, pickup trucks, or platform trucks to spread salt, sand, or a salt/sand mix.

Two direct-drive electric motors power the auger and spinner system. The in-cab console uses independent controls for the auger, spinner, and vibrator.

Gas Drive Hopper Salt Spreaders

Gas Drive Salt Spreaders

3/4 - 1 ton Trucks, 10' Flatbed or Dump

Gas drive hopper salt and sand spreaders are powered by a gasoline engine with an in-cab electric start and throttle control.

These spreaders are available in stainless seel, powder coated steel or rotationally molded polymer hoppers.

Tailgate Salt Spreaders

Tailgate Salt Spreaders

SUV's, Pickup and Utility Trucks

Tailgate salt spreaders are ideal for the homeowner/residential user with an pickup truck or SUV. These spreaders easily attach to the back of your tailgate or tow hitch.

Most tailgate salt spreaders are designed to handle #1 rock salt or similar material, however some are capable of using either salt or sand.

Walk Behind Salt Spreaders

Walk Behind Salt Spreaders

Walk Behind Spreaders are perfect for sidewalks and driveways. You can adjust their spread width to cover the entire width of your sidewalk in one pass.

Steel, stainless steel, or carbon steel construction improves their durability, while the larger pneumatic tires roll over ice and compact snow with ease.