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Ariens Professional 28" EZ-Launch EFI 420cc Two Stage Snow Blower (Limited Alpine Edition)

Model: Professional 28  |  Item Number: 926080
UPC: 751058043821
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CARB Compliant Snow Blower

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Features for the Ariens Professional 28

Ariens introduces a new edition to their EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected) lineup with this Hydro Pro 28" model. The hydrostatic transmission gives you the ability to change the speed and roll up to 2.6 mph without having to shift gears. With a hydrostatic transmission this gives you that professional performance that all Ariens snowblowers offer. Ariens Hydro Pro 28 will be a great option for the 2017/2018 season.

Starts in Two Simple Steps: 1. Turn the Key.   2. Pull starter cord, or press the electric start button). Quicker and easier than dealing with a primer and choke system.

Electronic Governor: Delivers consistent engine power while increasing fuel efficiency.

Two Power Modes: Efficiency mode runs quieter and uses less fuel. Power mode increase engine power to tackle tougher jobs, heavier snowfalls.

Completely Sealed: No adjustments necessary and fuel won't deteriorate or gum up system in the off season.

  • Hydrostatic Transmission: Gives you the ability to change the speed without shifting gears. Provides you with a smoother ride while clearing off that snow.
  • Ariens AX EZ-Launch 420cc EFI Engine: Able to start up in 20 degree weather, this engine gives you one less thing to worry about so you can keep your focus on removing that snow.
  • 28 inch Clearing Path: Able to move 28 inches in width of snow. Saves you time and energy especially during those huge snow storms.
  • Commercial Grade Handle Bars: Gives you that vigorous look that all Ariens snow blowers offer. Provides sturdy and strong grip, gives you maximum control while plowing.
  • Freeze Resistant 14 inch, 3 Blade and 16 inch Auger: Able to withstand the most frigid temperatures, performance never slides in cold temperatures and always stays reliable.
  • Molded Friction Disk: Has fewer parts within. Provides an easy service and performance when in use.
  • Auto-Turn Steering: Provides sharp, accurate turns. Moves itself toward the direction your turning. Provides sharper angles to remove snow.
  • Heated Hand-warmers: Keeps your hands warm, as if your by a campfire. Allows more time to stay on the snow blower along with a better grip for yourself.
  • 16 inch Snow Tread Tires: Provides an accurate grip upon any snow surface. Makes sure your snow blower is staying on course removing snow.
  • Interlocking Controls Offers the option to lock both handles. Gives you time to adjust chute rotation while your on the go.
  • Cast Iron Gear Case: Stays sturdy in extreme conditions. Continually delivers the necessary power to the auger system to churn threw snow at 100%.
  • Drift Cutters: Able to extend beyond the height of the auger. Knocks down towering drifts into the auger process.
  • Quick Turn Chute Control: Rotates up to 200 degrees and able to adjust discharge angle. Provides a broad range to eliminate snow.

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Technical Specs for the Ariens Professional 28 *

Slide Shoes Included
Hand Warmers Included
Electric Start 120V
Remote Chute Rotation Yes
Drift Cutter Included

Starting System electric/recoil
Gross Torque 21.0 ft-lbs

Engine Specification
Displacement(cc) 420cc

Clearing Width (in.) 28 inches

Chute System
Chute Turning Radius (degrees) 200 quick turn
Deflector Control Remote

Residential Warranty 3 year Limited
Commercial Warranty 90 day Limited

Electric Start Yes
Lights Yes 

Engine Brand Ariens AX by LCT
Engine 4-cycle

Drive System
Tire Size 16"X5"

Handle Commercial Grade 

Drive System
Drive Type Hydrostatic

* These Technical Specs are provided by the manufacturer at the beginning of the model year. Please be aware that the manufacturer may decide to change these specs at any given time without notice.

Accessories for the Professional 28

Atlas Snowblower Gloves (Medium) Atlas Glove - Medium
Part Number: 751227

Description: PVC coated & fleece-lined snow blower glove.Delivers warmth, comfort, and protection, in cold and wet conditions. Remains flexible down to -4 degrees. Size: Medium

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Snow Blower Cover Snow Blower Cover
Part Number: 5200304010500

Description: Fits two-stage snow blowers up to 31 inches wide. Fast slip-on protection. Protects against rain and snow, sun damage, dust, tree sap and birds. Elastic shock cord in bottom hem for a quick, custom-like fit. Handy integrated stuff sack. Heavy-duty fabric won't shrink or stretch. Fabric is coated for maximum water resistance.

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Snow Jet Spray 11 oz. Snow Jet Spray 11 oz.
Part Number: 70709000

Description: Snow-Jet is specially formulated to solve the age-old problem of snow sticking to snowblowers, shovels, plows and other snow equipment. Easy to apply-just shake and spray! You'll work less and your snow equipment will run more efficiently too.

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Atlas Snowblower Gloves (Large) Atlas Glove - Large
Part Number: 751228

Description: PVC coated & fleece-lined snow blower glove.Delivers warmth, comfort, and protection, in cold and wet conditions. Remains flexible down to -4 degrees. Size: Large

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Atlas Snowblower Gloves (X-Large) Atlas Glove - X-Large
Part Number: 751229

Description: PVC coated & fleece-lined snow blower glove.Delivers warmth, comfort, and protection, in cold and wet conditions. Remains flexible down to -4 degrees. Size: Extra Large

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Melt Buddy Spot Spreader Melt Buddy - Ice Melt Spreader Kit
Part Number: 72601200

Description: SAVE TIME ON SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL With the MeltBuddy mounted to your snow thrower you can clear snow and spread ice melt in a single pass. The easy-to-use hand trigger and large capacity hopper allow you to drop ice-melt granules only where needed.

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Snow Thrower Cab Snow Cab
Part Number: 5208601040100

Description: Most two-stage snow throwers. Lightweight and easy to install/assemble. Freeze-resistant, super-clear vinyl windows. Assembled cab can be easily removed for transport and/or storage

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Reviews for the Ariens Professional 28

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Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 12/2/2019
EFI not a big deal two to three pulls to start. That’s no different than a carburetor unit. Power is nice but accomplishes no more than a smaller CC engine. 
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 2/11/2019
The blower arrived on a pallet with a heavy duty cardboard box cover.  The box was significantly damaged, however the blower was unscathed!  Assembly was easily accomplished looking carefully at the instructions provided.  Charged the battery, added premium gas, two pulls and off I went.  It plowed through 3" of water/slush and 24" of heavy snow without any trouble.  I'm sure it will work fine with a fresh snowfall.  My only complaint, no 120 volt starter cord for this much money, really? 
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 1/18/2018
The Ariens blower works great. Just got done blowing a minor 4 inches.

The shipper truck driver was not a nice person.

There was minor damage due I think to someone running a hand jack roughly which hit a tire rim and took a tire off and breaking part of the pallet which made the entire blower sit cockeyed on the pallet.

Positive pin for the EFI battery was not properly seated which made it slide out when I put the connector together. I did not notice that it did not connect and had problems starting the blower. Easy trouble shoot and fix though.

I repaired the damage no problem and love the blower.

Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 1/7/2018
  I am convinced this is the best heavy-duty snowblower currently in the marketplace.  I sent you comments earlier about modifications to make it better.  I have now completed the modifications.
  Problem #1:  The unit is not adequately weight-balanced toward the front.  I attribute this to the placement of the EFI 420cc Engine in relation to the Drive Axle and the 28" Auger Assembly obviously weighs less than the 32" & 36" models.  Addition of the optional Weight Kit still left the unit light in the front resulting in tip-back when plowing on uphill driveways under power in heavy snow, requiring the operator to apply continuous upward pressure on the Handles to maintain ground contact.
  Solution #1:  I ordered an additional Weight Kit to "sandwich" with the other one.  20lbs. tested sufficient  to not require upward pressure on the Handles to keep the Auger Assembly in ground contact.  The Weight Kit should be standard equipment on this model.
  Problem #2:  Factory Skid Shoes are a problem on virtually all snowblowers. They are prone to premature wear due to contact with rock, gravel, rough asphalt, chip-sealed pavement, and rough concrete.  Some users complain of Skid Shoes damaging paved surfaces and gouging up gravel which becomes ingested into the Impeller.  The Skid Shoes do not adjust high enough to keep rock/gravel from being ingested into the Impeller when the unit is used for plowing uneven driveways.
  Solution #2:  Replace Skid Shoes with hard plastic Deck Gauge Wheels.  I re-engineered as follows:  1)  Removed factory Skid Shoes.  2)  Installed (1/8" thick X 2"W X 5"L) Flat Bar where the Skid Shoes were installed as an additional stiffener.  The Flat Bar was punched with one 3/8" square hole & one 3/8" round hole on 3" centering to match the two existing square holes in the Auger Housing.  3)  The existing rearward (3/8" X 1") Carriage Bolt was flipped 180-degrees & installed with head on the outside of the Auger Housing to provide for adequate clearance with the Wheel.  4)  I mounted two (6" X 1-3/8") Martin Wheel hard plastic Deck Gauge Wheels with Shoulder Bolts (1/2" X 2" shoulder & 3/8" X 3/4" stud).  Seven 1/2" Flat Washers were installed on the in-side of each Wheel on the shoulder to provide for adequate clearance between the Wheel and the Auger Housing.  5)  The Wheels and Shoulder Bolts were secured to the forward holes in the Auger Housing with 3/8" Flat Washers & 3/8" Self-Locking Nuts attached to the stud end of each Shoulder Bolt.  The above parts were procured from Sears/John Deere/Oregon.
  NOTE:  This installation only provides for a non-adjustable 1-5/8" clearance between the Scraper Bar and the ground.  An engineering solution for adjustability is to source two Wheel Height Adjustment Mechanisms which are readily available in the lawn equipment part systems instead of the Flat Bar used above.
  Existing Skid Shoe adjustment slots should be lengthened to facilitate higher adjustment settings for users needing higher clearance.

  Let me repeat, the Ariens Professional 28" EZ-Launch EFI 420cc Two Stage Snow Blower is the BEST in the industry.  I have suggested the above improvements to Ariens.  I hope you do the same!

Gerald H. in Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Q & A for the Ariens Professional 28

Ask us about the Ariens Professional 28" EZ-Launch EFI 420cc Two Stage Snow Blower (Limited Alpine Edition). Please no repair questions. Your Q&A may be posted to SnowblowersAtJacks.com to help other shoppers, like you, with their purchasing decisions. Thank you.

Asked on 11/3/2018 1:24:32 PM by eric
how much assembly is required,and does it come with a owners manual?

Eric, this will come mostly assembled - you may need to add the handles. An owner's manual should also be included.
Asked on 12/13/2017 10:41:01 AM by terry
does the hydro-static drive require maintenance, or is it a sealed unit?

Terry, the Ariens hydrostatic drive on this snowblower is maintenance-free.