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The Mighty Mega Machine of Winter

The Mighty Mega Machine of Winter

It's huge. It's humongous. Is it a tank? No, it's a Hybrid!

The Honda HS1336IAS is the ultimate walk-behind snow blower, and it uses Hybrid Technology to give you the best snow blowing performance you've ever seen.

We've had customers say, "This will be the only gift on my Christmas list this year." If that's the case, Santa will need a bigger sleigh.

Our product expert calls it, "the Tank of Snow Blowers, destroying all snow in its path."

Feed your curiosity:

What's a Hybrid?

Imagine if a big rig truck used the same gas saving technology as a Prius (small hybrid car). That's what we think of the Honda HS1336IAS. It's a powerful big rig snow blower with fuel efficient hybrid technology.

A hybrid snow blower combines a gasoline engine with two battery powered electric motors.

The Engine

A 389cc Honda iGX390 engine focuses its power output on the auger and impeller system. The performance of the gas engine is needed to provide a consistent source of snow churning energy, without having to simultaneously power the drive system. It also helps charge the batteries.

The Honda iGX engines are known for their easy starts, low maintenance, and low emissions. Plus, the electronic governor minimizes power loss.

The Electric Motors

Two 12 Volt batteries are connected in series (24V total) to operate the dual electric motors. These motors power the track drive system. Splitting the work load between electric and gas engines, not only saves fuel, it also helps increase productivity levels when clearing snow.

Why a Mega Machine?

Why a Mega Machine (Left) Honda HS928TAS 28 inch 254 lbs. vs. (Right) Honda HS1336IAS Hybrid 36 inch 540 lbs.

To be worthy of the "Mega Machine" name, it's built with a massive 36 inch clearing width and 23 inch clearing height to remove an outstanding amount of snow at once. Also, weighing in at over 540 pounds sets this heavyweight snow blower above the rest.

Its size is also needed to accommodate the two electric motors, larger engine, and all the additional parts required to operate the controls.

Some think you would need a horse to pull this machine along, but all the power and action of this giant walk-behind snow blower is in your hands.

What Can it Do?

This mega machine of snow blowers can do anything! Anything, when it comes to clearing snow.

Hills and slopes are no problem with the adjustable rotating auger housing. Gravel surfaces are easy with the oversized tracks. However, larger properties like municipalities seem to be the ideal clearing area, especially if you want to throw snow up to 62.3 feet.

It's like those off-road vehicles that climb rocky mountains and take on deep mud pits. Instead this snow blower can clear 83 tons of snow per hour, taking on the heaviest snow falls that Mother Nature can throw at it.

Later, we'll dig even deeper into what this hybrid snow blower can do, but we can't stop here. Like seeing Big Foot for the first time, you will be amazed with the features of the Honda Hybrid Snow Blower.

Starting Features

Starting Features Easy Electric Start and Auger Engage Switch.

Forget about the days of recoil cord starts. The Honda HS1336IAS comes with an electric start switch. Since the 24V DC power source is available, you should have the easiest starts, even in the coldest temperatures.

If at any time the electric start option doesn't start the machine, use the manual start lever to fire up the engine.

Electric Transport Mode

Keep the engine off while you move! There's no need to waste fuel when you're transporting this snow blower from one area to the next. The electric transport mode allows you to drive the machine without running the engine.

The electric motors do all the work needed to take you to your next pile of snow. But don't use the transport mode for longer than 3 minutes at a time or you'll run down the battery too far.

Starting the Auger

You don't always want the auger and impeller to be rotating while you're moving. The convenient auger clutch switch allows you to engage the auger and impeller when you're ready to clear snow again.

Control Features

Control Features Controls for turning, chute rotation, auger height, and speed.

If you think starting this hybrid snow blower is easy, just wait until you get behind the controls.

1.) Turning Controls

A lever on each handle of the snow blower is used to turn the snow blower. When you want to turn right, squeeze the right lever. Turn left by squeezing the left lever. The harder you squeeze the lever, the tighter turn you will make. Turn on-the-spot by fully squeezing the lever on the side you want to turn.

2.) Chute Control

Look at the control board, you'll see two joysticks, like an old video game controller. The one labeled "Chute" in the top-right controls the discharge chute.

With this joystick, you can rotate the chute 240 degrees from left to right, and adjust the deflector angle to throw snow high or low. This chute control allows you to blow snow wherever you please, even if it's onto your grumpy neighbor's driveway.

3.) Auger Height & Rotation Control

Auger Height and Rotation Control Control the height and rotation of the auger.

The joystick labeled "Auger Height" adjusts the height and rotation of the auger housing. Rotation? That's right, you can tilt the auger from left to right. This is ideal if you're clearing snow on a slope.

There are 3 height positions for the auger. Use the HIGH position when you're reversing and driving the snow blower, or if you're clearing snow in steps (varying clearance height). The High position will leave a base layer of snow on the ground, which is useful when clearing over a gravel surface.

The MIDDLE position is for normal use. The auger height is near parallel to the ground to clear enough snow without dragging against the surface underneath.

The LOW position is great for clearing hard packed snow. This setting helps the auger dig into the packed snow and ice, instead of rising over it. Using the LOW position will wear down the scarper bar more quickly.

4.) Speed Control

For those of you who want to know how fast it goes, let's just say it wasn't meant to drag race down a quarter mile track. A few miles per hour is all you're going to get at top speed, but a perfect pace in tretcherous snow conditions.

The speed control lever gives you 2 ranges of speed to adjust in both Forward and Reverse. There is Fast range and Slow range. Within each speed range, you can increase or decrease the speed. Clear at a crawl or pick up the pace to smoothly glide through snow faster.

3 Operating Modes

3 Custom Operating Modes Select between 3 operating modes for a different snow blowing experience.

"Does it drive itself?" someone would ask. No, unfortunately auto pilot isn't an option. Besides, Grandma doesn't need anything else to run her over on Christmas Eve.

However, the Honda HS1336IAS does provide 3 operating modes that can take some of the controls out of your hands. The 3 modes are AUTO, POWER, and MANUAL.

AUTO mode: All you have to do is drive and rotate the chute.

  • Speed is adjusted according to work load.
  • Engine speed is automatically adjusted, but the discharge distance remains the same.
  • The auger is automatically raised when reversing.

POWER mode: Throw snow farther by increasing the discharge power (throttle lever).

  • Speed is adjusted according to work load.
  • The auger automatically lifts when reversing.

MANUAL mode: Learn all the controls to operate like a snow blowing Pro.

  • No automatic adjustments are made.
  • Engine speed, throttle, and discharge distance all have to be adjusted manually.

On-Board Diagnostics

On-Board Diagnostics System On-Board Diagnostics System

If you think this snow blower is going to talk to you like a GPS device (or KITT from Knight Rider), you may be thinking too far ahead into the future. For now, the Honda Hybrid snow blower has an on-board diagnostic system with indicator lights.

The warning lights indicate problems related to the drive system, the battery, and the oil. There's even a charging indicator to let you know the charge status on your batteries. This on-board diagnostic system helps you pinpoint the issue, instead of guessing what's wrong or wasting time and money on diagnosing the problem.

Track Drive

Track Drive Track Drive System for ice-gripping traction.

The tracks on this Mega snow blower are also pretty impressive. 11 inches high and 7 inches wide, they're snow crunching beasts. Other Honda track snow blower models are equipped with only 5 inch wide tracks.

Made of pliable rubber cleats, these tracks climb over any slippery surface they can grip to. If you've always wanted to drive a tank, this is a good start.

Bonus Features

Tool Box

Tool Box Comes with a tool kit and storage compartment.

To make any quick repairs even easier, Honda provides a tool set for their Hybrid snow blower. It includes pliers, wrenches (including a spark plug wrench), spare fuses, battery terminal tube covers, locking nuts, and shear bolts. But where are you going to put all these tools?

Like the glove compartment in your car, the Hybrid Honda snow blower comes with a tool storage compartment. Fill it with tools, extra gloves, or anything else you may need while you're out in the cold.

Fuel Gauge

If you ever forget that your Hybrid snow blower still runs partially on gas, there is a fuel gauge on top of the fuel tank to remind you when you may be running on fumes. Only use gasoline with an octane rating of 86 or higher, and no more than 10% ethanol. You would hate to get this snow blower repaired because of a simple fuel-related issue.

Automatic Headlight

Headlight Automatic Headlight

A Mega Machine wouldn't be complete without headlights, especially if they have to work deep into the night. The Honda HS1336IAS Hybrid comes with a standard work light to let people know when you're coming down the road.

The headlight turns on automatically when the engine switch is in the ON position. As long as you turn off the engine switch, you won't have to worry about the light draining the batteries.



  • PRO - Larger clearing width moves more snow.

  • CON - More room is needed for storage.

Hybrid Technology:

  • PRO - Fuel efficient combination of electric and gas-powered engines.

  • CON - Higher up-front costs - Purchase price.


  • PRO - Customize your snow blowing experience from the operator's position. Easily control all parts of the snow blower.

  • CON - You must learn the do's and don'ts of each control, so you don't damage the machine. (Read Entire Manual)


  • PRO - Power the drive system to save on fuel consumption. Transport the snow blower without turning on the engine.

  • CON - If not used often, the batteries must be charged once a month to maintain life. (Charge 5-10 hrs.)

Track Drive System:

  • PRO - Excellent traction on inclines, gravel, and packed snow or ice.

  • CON - Snow, ice, and debris can build up between the tracks. May be harder to maneuver.


  • PRO - On-board diagnostics indicate problems with operating systems.

  • CON - More parts to service/maintain.

Reviews: What are People Saying?

We received multiple requests and spoke to many interested customers last year who wanted to see the Honda HS1336IAS Hybrid snow blower up close in person. It's now the main attraction at our store.

With one glance, people usually notice the size. "I've never seen anything that big? How wide is it?" But the size of this machine isn't the only grand feature. It also comes with a big ticket price. "How could a snow blower cost that much?” they ask. Is the price justifiable?

More technology, more features, and more parts, equals more money. But, with the ability to clear 83 tons of snow in one hour, you could offset the price by saving money on snow plow fees.

Some people get excited that it's a hybrid. That's why they get out of bed in the morning. They live and breathe the idea of going Green. Then you have the type who wants the biggest baddest machines around. Power, strength, and features make their mouths water. The Honda HS1336IAS satisfies both types of people. Soon we might have to put up a drool guard.

Besides the mulitiple Tank comments, most realize this behemoth of a snow blower is meant for people in the snow removal business. Still, there's nothing stopping a homeowner from getting his/her own. Plenty of people have Hummers, and they're practically tanks. Who says you don't deserve the biggest, baddest snow blower around?

Our Favorite Spec: 83 Tons per Hour

83 tons per hour Move 83 tons of snow per hour.

Honda claims this snow blower can clear up to 83 tons of snow per hour with its 36 inch clearing width and 22.8 inch housing height.

How much is 83 tons? It's not only 166,000 pounds.

83 tons of snow is about:

  • 42 cars
  • 110 cows
  • 19,880 gallons of water
  • 664,000 quarter pound cheeseburgers

Try shoveling 83 tons with a shovel. You probably won't get too far.

See It to Believe It

Reading about it is one thing. Viewing a picture is another. Seeing it parked in your driveway makes it much more believable.

Santa's even considered getting one to prepare for the big winter storms of 2012-2013. Could you wait until Christmas after seeing what the Honda HS1336IAS Snow Blower can do?

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].
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