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It's Electric! No Gas, No Problem

It's Electric Snow Blowers

Are you an MPG (miles per gallon) maniac? Do you try everything possible to save the most amount of fuel?

You're not alone. Today, the talk around the dinner table is fuel efficiency and emissions.

The outdoor power equipment industry is developing machines that are more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly. But over the years, there has also been advancements with an alternative power source.

It's the secret to getting the best fuel economy, while producing no emissions at all? Electricity!

If you haven't caught the electric bug yet, this winter may be the time to consider the advantages of an Electric Snow Blower.

Is Electric For You?

Electric snow blowers perform the same snow clearing tasks as similar gas-powered snow blowers.

There are electric single stage, two stage, and power shovel snow blowers to satisfy the needs of various users.

But why would someone want an electric snow blower, instead of a gas powered one?

No More Gas

No Gas Stopping hassling with gasoline

The obvious, in your face, advantage of using an electric snow blower is the elimination of all and everything gas-related.

No gas means:

  • No refueling costs
  • No fume smells
  • No need for fuel storage
  • No fluid leaks
  • Less danger (fire)
  • No harmful emissions (eco-friendly)

Think of all the time and hassle you can save without having to deal with gas. But there's another benefit to not using gas that you just can't pass up.

Less Maintenance

Less Maintenance No gas-powered engine to maintain

Every piece of power equipment needs to be maintained. Regular service or repairs are needed to keep them performing well. Most of the maintenance is a result of a fuel or engine-related problem.

With an electric snow blower, the need to change oil, clean filters, and replace engine parts is a thing of the past.

More time and more money can be saved by not having to perform tons of maintenance.

Light Weight

Easy to transport and Store Easy to store and transport

Removing the heavier 2 or 4-Cycle engine and the weight of the fuel, makes an electric snow blower lighter.

Less weight allows for better maneuverability. You can easily push a single stage electric snow blower through the snow with one hand.

If you have limited storage space, the compact and light weight design of a single stage electric snow blower is perfect to solve your storage concerns. Most have folding and lift handles, so you can store it on a garage shelf, or hang it from a hook.

Less Noise

Some people may only have time to clear snow in the early morning. If your snow blower roars like a lion, your neighbors won’t be too happy.

Since gas-powered engines are typically louder, an electric snow blower will keep your neighbors asleep, and will give your ears a break, too.

Single Stage Electric Snow Blowers

Single Stage Electric Snow Blowers Single Stage Electric Snow Blowers

Single stage electric snow blowers are ideal for owners of small flat driveways and walkways. Town houses or residential homes with 4 car driveways are perfect for a single stage electric snow blower.

However, they can only handle up to 6 inches of snow. Smaller clearing widths and intake heights are great for a few inches of snow, but don't take on any snow drifts with these electric snow blowers.

An extension power cord is needed to plug the machine in during use. Most have a cord-lock system that prevents the plug from being disconnected while operating.

Toro is a leading manufacturer of electric single stage snow blowers with their 1800 Power Curve and 1500 Power Curve units.

Electric Snow Shovels

Snow Blower Power Shovels Power Shovel Snow Blowers

A power shovel, an electric snow shovel, whatever you want to call them, removes snow.

An electric power shovel combines snow blowing technology with the design of a shovel. Instead of scooping and lifting the snow, the power shovel uses its high speed augers to throw snow.

These little snow blowing machines are made to clear decks, porches, patios, and walk ways. It's a great alternative to the broom or shovel. Since they’re electric powered, as long as you have an outlet nearby, you can easily clear those snow covered surfaces around your house, apartment, or condomnium.

Ariens AMP 24 Electric

AMP 24 Electric Snow Blower Ariens AMP 24 Electric Two Stage Snow Blower

Powerful. Clean. Easy. That's what Ariens proudly states about their AMP 24 electric snow blower. It's a big leap forward into a new era of eco-friendly snow blowing.

Two stage power and ability with an electric motor. This is why the AMP 24 is one of the most popular alternatives to the gas powered snow blower. Plus, you don't need to plug it in during use. A full charge will provide between 45 and 60 minutes of smooth operation.

An electric motor is much quieter than a gas powered OHV engine, and you'll never have to worry about emissions or running out of gas. Check out the popular Ariens AMP 24 electric snow blower.

The Power of Electricity

With all the advantages of an electric snow blower, including saving money, time, and space, their popularity is bound to grow into the future.

As our dependence on oil continues to decrease, alternative sources of energy will have their turn in the limelight. Maybe soon, everyone will be opening the garage door and rolling out their electric snow blowers. How about you?

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