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Husqvarna Snow Blower Feature Guide

Husqvarna Snow Blower Feature Guide

Choosing a Husqvarna Snow Blower

Husqvarna focuses most of its attention on their impressive two stage snow blowers.

These higher performing units use the drift destroying auger and impeller system to clear snow.

They do offer a single stage model for those who move less snow.

When choosing a top-of-the line Husqvarna snow blower, first consider the amount of snow and the size of your clearing area.

Snow Blower Equations

Medium/larger amounts of snow + Larger clearing areas = Husqvarna's two stage snow blowers.

The powerful Briggs & Stratton or LCT engine, along with the wider clearing widths (24-30 inches), will definitely save you time from being out in the cold.

Moderate/small amounts of snow + Smaller clearing areas = Husqvarna's single stage snow blower.

Husqvarna's single stage snow blower, the ST121E, is great for removing snow on neighborhood residential driveways that see less than 8 inches per snowfall.

Electric Start

Every new Husqvarna snow blower comes with a convenient electric start option. Simply plug it into an outlet, press the electric start button, and begin snow blowing.

For extra reassurance, a recoil backup system is installed with an over-sized handle, big enough for your gloves to grasp.

Easy Operation

Husqvarna's two stage models that use a power steering system, enable one wheel to slow down, making turning much easier. Without power steering, the weight of a two stage snow blower can be somewhat of a hassle to turn around all by yourself.

Dash mounted controls let you operate chute rotation and the chute deflector. Instead of stopping the snow blower to change the chute direction, you can easily do it from the operator's position while you continue to move.

Take on Deeper Snow

If you want to take on deeper snow, Husqvarna snow blowers with drift cutters and heavy duty skid shoes will assist you.

A drift cutter's purpose is to cut through snow drifts, while directing the snow into the auger housing, instead of on top of the snow blower.

Heavy duty skid shoes protect the snow blower from damage, as you drive over cracks or bumps on your driveway and sidewalk.

Weight bars are installed on some Husqvarna snow blowers to provide extra weight on the augers when they dig through the snow.

Track Drive System

There are certain benefits and disadvantages of a snow blower that uses tracks instead of wheels.

The advantage of a track drive snow blower is that it provides outstanding traction on ice or hard-packed snow. If you need to clear snow on a sloped, inclined, or gravel surface, tracks would be favored over wheels.

Husqvarna snow blowers with tracks, instead of wheels, are often less easy to maneuver, but you still have the help of a power steering system.

Choosing between tracks and wheels is a matter of balancing the type of clearing surface, with each user's preference.

Ergonomic Features

Husqvarna snow blowers want you to be as comfortable as ever while you use them to clear snow.

The single hand interlock feature allows you to drive the snow blower with one hand, leaving the other hand free to control the chute and deflector.

Need to work in the dark? Husqvarna snow blowers have headlights. If you can't wait until morning to clear the snow, get started at night.

Do you have trouble with frozen fingers? Consider a Husqvarna snow blower with hand warmers. The handles heat up to give you the warmth your hands crave out in chilling temperatures.

Put Down the Shovel

This winter, it may be time to lay the old shovel down to rest. A Husqvarna snow blower will make you look forward to seeing snow fall on your driveway.

How much snow do you get every winter? If it's more than you want to shovel, take a closer look at our Husqvarna Snow Blowers.