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Honda Snowblowers

Honda Power Equipment

The Brand You've Known and the Reliability You Expect

Honda snowblowers are known for being top of the line machines. Every Honda snowblower is equipped with a 4 stroke engine, which means no oil and gas mixing, no smoke, easy starting, low emissions, and better fuel economy.

Honda snow blowers also use high quality components from their largest to their smallest models. Also, all 2 stage Honda snowblowers have commerial grade hydrostatic transmissions for smooth, easy, and low maintenance operation.

Honda Snow Blowers

4 Stroke Engines on all Honda Snow Blowers

4 Stroke Engines on All Models

All Honda snow blowers use a Honda 4 stroke engine, which has many advantages over a 2 stroke engine. Convenience is one, because you don't have to mix oil and gas. Honda snow blowers also start up easily with no need to prime.

Honda 4 stroke engines produce less pollution, so you won't smell from smoke, and your Honda snow blower will meet EPA emission standards in all 50 states (even CA). Honda snow blowers are also fuel efficient, so less gas and no oil to purchase means lower operating costs.

Honda Snowblowers

Honda is committed to the environment and all snow blower models are CARB Compliant

Committed to the Environment, CARB Compliant

All new Honda snowblowers have engines that meet or exceed current EPA and CARB (California Air Resource Board) standards. Honda snowblowers get better fuel economy and lower emissions. No other major snow blower brand meets these standards across their line of models.

You will not have to mix oil with your gasoline when you have a Honda snowblower. Less mess and less fumes means less waste as well.

Honda Snowblowers

Honda track drive snow blowers can conquer any surface

Honda Track Drive Snow Blowers

Want to get the best traction out there? Honda's two stage track drive snow blowers are the tanks of snow removal. The track drive models are ideally used to battle steeper inclines, heavier snow drifts, and icier surfaces.

The rubber tracks with sure-gripping cleats are able to clear packed snow like no other machine. They're great for use on gravel or stone driveways and ice covered sidewalks. Leave the slipping and sliding behind!

Honda Snowblowers

Honda engines are reliable starters in any condition

Dependable Honda Engines

Numerous professionals and consumers agree that Honda's engines are very dependable starting machines. Whether you prefer a recoil start or a plug-in electric start, Honda's snow blower line-up has you covered.

The HS720AA and HS720AM models provide a reliable recoil start option. The HS720AS models employ the electric start option. Both offer top-of-the-line starting dependability, even in the coldest conditions.


Honda Single Stage Snow Blowers Honda Single Stage
Snow Blowers
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Single Stage Snow Blowers Single stage snow blowers use only one step to throw snow. The auger scoops the snow off the ground and in the same motion throws it out the chute.

Single stage snow blowers are ideal for lighter use (under 10" of snowfall) and are typically easy to maneuver due to their lighter weight.

Honda Two Stage Snow Blowers Honda Two Stage
Snow Blowers
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Two Stage Snow Blowers Two stage snow blowers use a metal auger to scoop the snow off the ground and feed it to a high speed impeller that blows the snow out the chute.

Two stage snow blowers can handle deep snow drifts, are self-propelled, and clear a wider path than single stage snow blowers.

Honda Consumer Snow Blowers Honda Consumer
Snow Blowers
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Consumer Snow Blowers Consumer snow blowers are made for the homeowner who needs to clear snow but does not want to spend more money for the extra features and durability that come with prosumer and professional snow blowers.

Honda Professional Snow Blowers Honda Professional
Snow Blowers
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Professional Snow Blowers Professional two stage snow blowers are high performance machines with commercial grade parts. They are built to last, can handle a heavy workload, and clear snow quickly and efficiently.