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Honda Snow Blower Feature Guide

Honda Snow Blower Feature Guide

Choosing a Honda Snow Blower

Honda power equipment products are known for their reliability and performance. There is no lack of design or quality in their snow blowers either.

So when winter rolls around, consider using a Honda snow blower to dig you out.

Single and Two Stage

Honda has single and two stage snow blowers to compare. Their single stage snow blowers use a semi-self propelled paddled auger drive system to pull in and discharge snow in one motion. This also decreases the amount of pushing needed to operate the single stage snow blower.

The two stage snow blowers use a self-propelled, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive system, that allows you to smoothly adjust your speed depending on the snow conditions. Set your own pace!

An ice breaking auger and fast spinning impeller increase the amount of snow you can clear at once. Clear up to 65 tons of snow per hour with some Honda two stage snow blowers.

Honda Engines

If you havent heard it before, Honda engines provide outstanding fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and reliability.

Their two stage snow blowers feature a Honda commercial grade GX engine, while the single stage models implement a residential Honda GC engine (HS520). Both are 4-stroke engines, which gives you better fuel economy and eliminates the need to mix gas and oil.

When temperatures drop, you don't want any problems starting your snow blower. Honda's easy starting automactic decompression engines won't let you down.

Hybrid Honda

Honda has a Hybrid Snow Blower! Take the power of their commercial grade engine and combine it with two electric motors.

The Honda HS1336IAS hybrid snow blower is built with a 36 inch clearing width and has the capability to move up to 83 tons of snow per hour. We call it the Mighty Mega Machine of Winter.

Honda Electric Start Models

If you're tired of the cord yanking action of pulling a starter cord, Honda has electric start (120V) snow blowers, too.

As long as you have a power outlet and an extension cord, you can start these snow blowers with the push of a button.

Track Drive

If you're clearing snow on an incline, in icy conditions, or simply want a better grip, consider a Honda snow blower with the track drive system.

Honda's track drive snow blowers are constructed with rubber tracks and sure-gripping cleats. Taking on snow drifts is easier than ever with these track drive models, that also allow you to adjust the height of the auger.

Have a gravel driveway? Track drive snow blowers are perfect to use on those rougher surfaces.

Adjustable Auger

Honda's two stage track drive snow blowers use an adjustable auger that allows you to customize your clearing depth in 3 different positions.

Use the up position if you will be clearing snow on a gravel surface, or one where you don't want the augers to be close to the ground.

The middle position is considered the normal setting for most snow clearing jobs.

The down position is used to dig through harder packed snow or for scraping ice closer to the clearing surface.

The adjustable auger is controlled in the operator's position by a foot pedal. No longer will you have to push down on the machine to clear tightly packed snow, or physically lift it up to avoid scraping against raised cracks in the sidewalk.

User-Friendly Features

Operating a snow blower can be intimidating for some. Honda equips its snow blowers with ergonomic and operator friendly features that make snow blowing easy for anyone. Here are some of their two stage snow blower features:

  • Reversible two position skid shoes - If one side wears out, flip it over
  • Dash mounted control levers - Adjust the chute and deflector
  • Standard working head light - Operate in the dark
  • Glove-Friendly fuel cap - Refuel without removing your gloves
  • Easily replaceable shear pins - Protect your gear case from being over torqued

Let Honda do the Work

Honda's snow blowers are designed with these features to make snow blowing as easy as possible. Whether you're using a single stage that helps pull you along, or a two stage that basically drives itself, Honda's snow blowers help take the snow removal load off your shoulders.

Need additional information? There's more!

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