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Accessories Your Snow Blower Can't Live Without

Accessories Your Snow Blower Can't Live Without

Everyone has that some thing they just can't live without. What about during Winter?

Do you drool over your 4-wheel drive truck in the snow? Are your winter boots equipped with heated foot massagers?

Unless the highlight of your winter is the seasonal flu, you count on these things to make those colder months more bearable.

But don't be selfish, your snow blower may want some additional accessories to put up with the long winter ahead.

Like Frosty the Snow Man's hat, there are certain things snow blowers feel they can't live without.

The Melt Buddy

Melt Buddy The Melt Buddy

The Melt Buddy is one of Frosty's worst enemies, but could be your snow blower's best friend.

Your lonely snow blower sits in the back corner of your garage or shed, begging for winter to come. Let's give it a companion to chum around with once the snow starts falling.

The Melt Buddy is an ice-melt (salt) spreader accessory that attaches to Ariens Sno-Thro and many other manufacturer's snow blowers.

Imagine not having to drag that heavy bag of salt around to spread on your driveway and sidewalk. Instead, the Melt Buddy allows you to spread salt at the same time you clear snow.

So don't be shy, check out the Melt Buddy. Everyone could use a new winter friend.

Snow Cab

Snow Blower Cab Snow Blower Cab

Do you want to look like a snow blowing gladiator this winter? Here's one accessory that your snow blower wants you to have.

A snow blower cab protects you from the most extreme winter weather conditions. It also prevents you from getting a face full of snow, blown back from the discharge chute.

The freeze-resistant, heavy-duty fabric shell will allow you to work in those blizzard-like conditions. The Standard snow blower cab fits all single and two stage snow blowers. The Deluxe cab fits all two stage snow blowers.

Show your armor this winter, grab a Snow Blower Cab.

Clean out Tools

Cleanout Tools A Snow Blower Cleanout Tool to clear clogs

A clean out tool to a snow blower is like dental floss to you.

Wet snow tends to pack together and build up on the inside of the auger housing. The more snow that builds up in the housing or chute, the less amount of snow your machine can process and clear.

Clean out tools are used to remove the stuck snow in the auger housing or discharge chute.

It's not only a handy tool to use when clearing out clogs, it's also a reminder to practice snow blower safety.

A snow blower doesn't want snow to get stuck in its augers or chute, like last week's meatloaf does in your teeth. Use a clean out tool.

Tire Chains

Tire Chains Tire Chains

Your snow blower can get embarrassed if it begins to slip and slide across the surface while you’re clearing snow. Just like when you slip on ice and a few people begin to laugh.

Tire Chains are a great way to save them the embarrassment.

When snow melts during the day, but freezes over the night, this can cause your driveway and sidewalks to develop an underlying layer of ice. So when you go to clear snow in the morning, the rubber wheels may slip on the ice.

Tire chains can be easily installed to give you added ice-gripping traction. Learn how to install tire chains.

Floor Mats

Snow Blower Floor Mats Snow Blower Protective Floor Mats

After a fun day of snow blowing, your snow blower is most likely covered in snow. When you bring it inside, the snow will obviously melt.

If you want to prevent having a slippery floor, place a protective floor mat under your snow blower. The mat will contain the melted snow, and also protect the floor surface from scratches or fluid leaks.

Plus it gives your snow blower a cozy surface to sit on, instead of the freezing floor in your garage.

Front Weight Kit

Snow Blower Weight Kit Snow Blower Front Weight Kit

Snow blowers don't mind being a little top-heavy or packing on a few extra pounds. It actually gives them more snow digging power.

Adding a weight kit to your snow blower helps keep your augers close to the surface. This allows them to dig into the snow, especially when going over bumps of packed snow.

A weight kit can also be used to help balance the snow blower, if a snow blower cab is installed. Most kits weigh around 10 pounds.

Snow-Jet Spray

Snow-Jet Spray Snow-Jet Spray

If you've ever had trouble with snow sticking to your snow blower, or piling up enough to cause a clog, try a can of Snow-Jet Spray.

Snow blowers can't get enough of it. They're tired of dirty snow clinging to their metal surfaces.

When you're done using your snow blower, you won't have to waste time cleaning off the wet snow either.

Snow Blower Gloves

Snow Blower Gloves Snow Blower Gloves

Do people hate it when you touch them with your cold hands? Well, so does your snow blower.

Everyone needs a pair of winter gloves right? Unless you have hand warmer handles installed on your snow blower, consider a pair of snow blower gloves.

Snow blower gloves are designed to provide extra protection, warmth, and comfort while you're battling multiple inches of snow.

Snow Blower Covers

Snow Blower Covers Snow Blower Covers

If you missed spring cleaning, skipped over summer, and totally forgot about fall, you probably didn't find time to clean out your garage to make room to park your new snow blower.

If this sounds like you, don’t panic. There are protective snow blower covers that you can use, if it has to sit outside for a while.

Snow blower covers are made with water resistant fabric that won't shrink or stretch. Since your snow blower will be outside in the wintry elements, these covers help protect against rain, snow, and other unwanted sources of debris (birds).

Live With, Not Without Accessories

So while you tie your boots and put on your earmuffs, think of your snow blower. Do you have any snow blower accessories that could make both your lives easier when clearing snow?

While you think, take a look at a few snow blower accessories. Your snow blower will thank you.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].