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8 Popular Snow Blower Features

8 Popular Snow Blower Features

Which one doesn't belong: Sunroof, GPS, leather seats, or snow drift cutters?

Let's hope you said drift cutters. I don't think your snow blower needs a GPS.

Shopping for a snow blower can be similar to looking for a new car. Some people need or want certain options and features.

Here's a selection of 8 popular features to consider when comparing snow blower models.

Electric Start

Electric Start Electric Start Feature

Electric start is all the craze. Many snow blowers now come with an electric start option.

It's very simple. Use an extension cord to plug your snow blower into an electrical outlet. Then press the electric start button.

If you need to start and stop the machine while you're operating (away from an outlet), the snow blower manufacturers were smart enough to provide a recoil cord back up option.

Single Hand Interlock

Two stage snow blowers that feature single or one-hand interlock controls are a blast to operate.

The interlocking feature allows you to control the drive system with one hand, while leaving the other hand free to operate the chute and/or the deflector without having to stop.

Or with your free hand, you can wave to those people paying you $20 dollars to clear their sidewalk.

Remote Chute & Deflector Rotation

In-Dash Controls Dash board controls for remote chute and deflector rotation

Remote controlled chute and deflector rotation literally goes hand-in-hand with the interlocking controls.

Instead of having to stop, reach forward or walk around the machine to rotate the chute or adjust the angle of the deflector, you can do all of this with the convenience of in-dash controls.

These controls make it easier to discharge snow exactly where you want to. Even if that's on top of your neighbor's car.

Power Steering

Some two stage snow blowers can weigh over 300 pounds. Power steering helps you maneuver these snow beasts through the snow.

Snow blower power steering works by slowing down one wheel while you turn. This makes the machine much easier to turn around for the next pass.

Track Drive

Snow blowers with the track drive system are the tanks of snow removal. Instead of wheels, you've got ice-gripping tracks.

If you're looking to practically eliminate slipping, track drive snow blowers are the answer. They're perfect for gravel driveways or inclines that tend to ice up over night.

Drift Cutters

Drift Cutters Snow Blower Drift Cutters

If you wake up in the morning after a windy, snowy night, you'll probably see some large snow drifts out your window.

This is where drift cutters come in handy. Snow blowers use drift cutters to help direct taller snow into the auger housing, instead of letting the snow fall on top of the unit.

Skid Shoes

Skid shoes help your snow blower glide safely and smoothly across the winter surfaces.

Skid shoes are necessary on two stage snow blowers since their augers don't come in contact with the ground, like one stage snow blowers do.

Some skid shoes are reversible, so you can get double the wear out of each set.

Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers Snow Blower Hand Warmers

Some people say the hand warmer feature is their favorite option. Staying warm in the cold, who could blame them?

Two stage snow blowers with hand warmers keep the blood flowing during those chilly temperatures.

Hand warmers can even be added as an accessory, if they're compatible with your specific snow blower.

Pick None or Pick All

Each and every one of these popular snow blower features can make your snow blowing tasks much easier, more efficient, and more comfortable.

So if you just want the benefits of an electric start, or desire to go all out with every feature, the choice is yours. Feel free to compare the snow blowers we have in stock.

If you have any questions or comments. Please let us know. Send an email to [email protected].